ORQID Consulting is a global strategic consulting firm. We are trusted advisers to some of the worlds leading government agencies.

We are a privately owned company, established in 2003 by a team of experienced program and financial analysts / experts, and former military specialists.

Our Mission is to do more than just meeting our customers’ needs. We strive to delight our customers by anticipating and exceeding their expectations through an innovative and creative work force.

We are a global leader in customer value by providing the best trained subject matter experts with the most up-to-date specialty skills, and superior hands-on service for end users based on innovative technology, continuous improvement, and field tested and proven experience at extremely competitive pricing.

ORQID Consulting strives to develop strong partnerships with businesses that provide program management, systems engineering, information technology, and language translation services.

ORQID Consulting designs programs and partnerships that forge long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial by (1) strengthening core capabilities through program analysis, feedback, and continuous improvement (Lean Six Sigma); and (2) working to identify and clarify specific business requirements and goals for strategic, long term growth and proven capabilities.

These are some of the strategic partners that we work with to serve our clients: